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Virat Kohli Cricket Carrier Profile ODI, IPL Details 2021 : Player Card

Player Card

Virat Kohli’s entire cricket career has been brought in today’s player card. Currently Virat Kohli is the captain of the Indian team. If we talk about Virat Kohli here, this is a right-handed batsman who made his debut in first class cricket in 2006. He has made many records in cricket history with the help of his strong batting. So let’s have a look on his entire career…

Virat Kohli has shown his strong performance in all formats of cricket. Due to which he was soon made the captain of the Indian team. There have also been many occasions in his career when he has won the team on his own. Read More – IPL 2021 did not get chance, these three men retired

Virat Kohli’s ODI Career… Statistics (ODI)

Batting :———


In ODI cricket, Virat Kohli has been consistently showing brilliantly with his batting. Where he has played 244 innings in 252 matches so far. It has not been out 39 times. While he has scored 12162 runs with an average of 59.33. There are 183 runs in ODIs. He has also scored 43 centuries and 62 half-centuries in ODIs.

Bowling :———


Apart from the bat, Virat Kohli has also tried his hand at bowling. In which he has bowled 641 balls in 48 innings of 251 matches and has also taken 4 wickets. In which he has got one wicket by giving 15 runs at most. However, he has not had such a big focus on bowling as he has shown with the bat.

Test Career… Statistics Test) : Virat Kohli Cricket Carrier Profile

Batting :———


If we talk about Test career, he has scored 7490 runs in 153 innings of 91 Tests at an average of 52.38. In which it has not been 10 times. His highest score in the Test is 254 not out. Even in Test career, he can be called a dangerous batsman. He has also scored 27 centuries and 25 half-centuries in a Test career and has crossed the 200 mark 7 times.

Bowling :———


He has also bowled a bit in Test matches, throwing 175 balls in 11 innings of 91 Test matches and spent a total of 84 runs.

T20 Career… Statistics (T20)

Batting :———


Talking about his t20 career, so far he has played 84 innings of 89 t20 matches. In which he has also scored 3159 runs at an average of 52.65. Out of this, he has been unbeaten 24 times and his highest score is 94 runs. Apart from this, he has also put 38 feet in t20.

Bowling :———–


On several occasions, he has also been seen bowling in t20 where he has thrown a total of 146 balls in 12 innings of 85 matches. He has spent 198 runs in total and has also taken 4 wickets in total. In which he has the highest number of wickets, taking one wicket for 13 runs.

IPL Career… Statistics (IPL20) ; Virat Kohli Cricket Carrier Profile

Batting :———


On the other hand, if you talk about IPL matches, then they have scored 5878 runs in 184 innings of total 192 matches. In which his highest score is 113 runs. He has also not out 30 times in his played innings. He has also scored 5 centuries and 39 half-centuries in the IPL so far. He is also known as one of the fastest batsmen in the IPL. Who has also won the team by playing excellent innings on many occasions.

Bowler :———


Now that they have bowled on all platforms, how are they going to miss in the IPL? He has thrown a total of 251 balls in 26 innings of 196 IPL matches. In which he has also taken a total of 4 wickets for 368 runs. His wicket-taking maximum has been two wickets for 25 runs. However, he is recognized in the cricket world as a great batsman and captain.

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